Monday, December 31, 2012

May I Have a Word?

Happy New Year's! Here we go 2013! This month I'll be sharing the top ten moments God brought into my life this year. Some with happiness. Others with tears. All with blessings.

Today I am focusing on new beginnings. I love starting fresh and the possibilities for triumph that the new year brings! I'll admit that I normally kick off January with plans, resolutions and goals. And every year the list includes some tired yet hopeful language regarding weight loss and organization. 

Every year. 

You see, my best intentions get sidetracked by toddlers who won't nap, a calendar begging for a quiet day, and temptation that comes in the form of a red velvet birthday cake, not to mention chocolate filled Valentine's Day others words? By life and living in it. 

Anyone with me on this? 

So this year? This year I am joining a movement that calls for focus. Focus on one word. Instead of trying to juggle too many resolutions and feeling like I've mastered none of them, the word I chose will guide me through the next year. 

I prayed about my word. I know God will use it to bless me. To teach me something about myself I never considered. But what to choose? If I'm honest? I have about 50 words I could work on...maybe 100? Hmmm. Where to start? 

Within the list I kept circling back to one word: Consistency. At first it seemed an almost imperceptible whisper. No God, not that one...surely there is a less convicting word out there...???  


That whisper has transformed into a crystal clear command. It is officially the word God placed in my heart for this year. So over the past few weeks I've been thinking about how this word fits into my days. What it looks like as we enter 2013. 

Consistency meeting God through prayer and quiet time eating well and exercising writing, blogging and sharing my heart being at church faithfully being a present wife and mother

It still seems a big list. But what if?

What if one small intentional act of consistency in an area of my life lends itself to another? 

And another? 

And another?

I love this graphic so graciously created by Melanie at Only a Breath. 

About the design:
This design was created to symbolize our daily focus around each “theme” word. Each dot represents days as the year passes and the steps we make to incorporate the “One Word” into our lives. At the beginning of the year, each step might be small and farther between (like the dots at the top)… then as the year progresses, each step becomes larger until they start to just blur together… and the “One Word” becomes part of all we do, incorporated into each day as a habit we have each cultivated.
The best part of this button is the tangible visual of what gaining traction looks like as we focus on one word. So, are you ready to choose your One Word for 2013? When you do, visit Melanie's site where she gives instructions for requesting your free One Word button

And share with us in the comments section here, what will you work on this year?



  1. I posted my "one word" and accepted Bonnie's challenge to read the post before mine, which was yours. Such a blessing! CONSISTENCY is seemingly so impossible and for me, it has been when I have tried to do it on my own. When I only gave a part of my life to the Lord, when I only committed some plans to Him in prayer, nothing ever measured up or was in synch. Well, duh!

    If you stay true to the first task of consistency - meeting God through prayer and quiet time, then I believe all the rest of those will fall into place, either as being achieved or as not having mattered. God bless, Michelle, and I prayed for you on your journey.

  2. Love this post, and thank you for crediting Melanie at Only a Breath. She made one for me too! Thank you.

    How many times my mom hammered into my first parenting years that I needed consistency. It seemed that even if I were doing the wrong thing consistency would help my kid and then we could change to the right thing. No, Mom wouldn't have let that go, but she hammered me, and I'm so glad she did because now she's gone. God be praised for all his love to me in many people!

  3. Hi love this post, Michelle - it speaks of your longing to always be close to God's heart. THank you for sharing your One Word in the Faith Jam! I hope to see you jamming with us again. :)


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