Sunday, March 24, 2013

Teagan & Isla

Teagan, Isla and I surprised Daddy with a Valentine's gift via a photo shoot on an old horse farm in South Carolina. I loved the rustic barn, 1950's Ford pickup and lane. Here are some of the best shots from the day.

The photographer was awesome! He kept trying to get Isla to drop her favorite snuggle toy but I think it is perfect in the shot...what better way to remember her love for this dog in years to come?

This captures Isla perfectly: always sweet, always happy!

Oh sweet angel, mama couldn't love you any more!

Teagan melted my heart with this photo. I asked if she was making a wish and she told me she was praying! 

My big almost-four-year-old princess!

The rustic Ford pickup made for an amazing background!

Look at that grin! So many teeth coming in!

Stop growing up Sweet Tea! I love you, monkey!

I look at this photo and can't believe how much God has blessed my world. 

That's all for now...Disney pics coming up!


  1. Darling children & pics!

    -Rachel from Creatively Redeeming Her

  2. These are so lovely! What beautiful little girls. I love the blue dresses and old fashioned set up outside. What a wonderful memory these will provide. I hope all is going well with you, MIchelle.

  3. those are just the most ADORABLE pictures. what a blessing those girls! oh incredible! such sweetness.


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