Friday, March 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom

Hello everyone! The girls are just about to wake up so I have just a quick post to share this morning. Last week we celebrated what would have been my mother's 70th birthday by having a mini family reunion at Walt Disney World. It was a magical week. I think Brian and I had an even better time than the kids, if that is at all possible! I can't wait to share those pictures with you this weekend!

My favorite picture of my mom as Homecoming Queen. 
Aren't her cat eye glasses the bomb? 

The thing about Disney is that it is darn near impossible to find a quiet, lonely spot to reflect - though I tried on mom's birthday wandering in and out of villages in the Magic Kingdom. But it is also true that Disney makes it tough to be sad surrounded by so much happiness and joy. I figure that's probably just the way Mo would have wanted us to spend the day. I can just hear her telling me to have a good time and stop being so silly.  

I miss you more than I can say, Mom. You are in my thoughts so often. I still catch myself reaching for the phone to call you and tell you some funny thing the girls have done. Lately I am able to remember the many ways you made us smile and laugh. What a joy and blessing to have been your little Sooz. 

I love you, 

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  1. What a lovely tribute to your mother...both the trip and this post. I also miss my mother and often wish I could share something with her or ask her a question about aging. Moms are special.


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