Sunday, December 5, 2010

Collecting The Post

My sweet Teagan I got a wonderful idea from another blogger Mommy. Each month I will try to capture your milestones as you are growing so fast and changing so much each and every day that Daddy and I can barely believe it!

This December you are 19 months old! You weigh 24.4 pounds, wear a size 4 diaper, an 18 mo to 2T clothes, size 5.5 shoe in Clarks or a 7 in Primigi. You are tall and in the 90-95%! In no time you and cousin Kade will be towering over us in bodyguard fashion! Nanna Betty is sure you will end up on the runway! Your sweet face is all daddy, but we also see Nana Mo, auntie Joyce and cousin Carrington in you. I love your big eyes and long lashes!

You make us laugh each and every day with your sweet and funny sense of humor. You are happy almost always and it has been fun to see your personality develop so rapidly. Your vocabulary is great too and at the moment you are saying well over 100 words. You surprised us last month with a big sentence: "That's Daddy's towel." And you constantly make friends in the store or wherever we go as you usually have a nice hello for them and a "Thank You" sprinkled with the occasional "I Wuv U" which just makes a heart melt.

Right now your favorite things are your stuffed lambs, toast, going outside, your bobby (paci), milk (which to my delight you say with an Irish accent now that your grandparents from Ireland are visiting), Kade and Wiss (aunt Melissa)

Speaking of the grandparents, you adore them! Fresh from a visit with Nana Mo and Poppy has you asking for them often. Just like all our babies you love Poppy's shoulder. And you immediately became best friends with Nana Betty going off to "collect" the post with her daily or just snuggling up in her lap for a book. Plus each day when Gerry falls asleep on the sofa you love to go over and untie his shoes! Brian and I marvel at how you instinctively walk with your arms folded behind your back at times, just like your grandpa and way before you met him.
Yes, it's true. Daddy's a little crazy and has sown your pj's together in this shot. This, trust me, was borne out of a moment of desperation in a hotel in Florida for you have decided now is the time to release yourself from the confinement of a crib or pack-n-play...and we simply.aren't.ready.

So this answer to our problem was either the engineer...or the farmer coming out in your dad, the jury is still out on this. The good news is the pjs worked their magic for a few days until you gave up your quest, content to sleep again without becoming a Flying Walenda. We're on the lookout for a toddler bed as this is sure to be a temporary solution.....

A rare shot of you eating. Most days you can take or leave food, as long as you have milk. I am preplexed as you simply don't like the things most other kids like...and if you do like it today then that in no way means you will have anything to do with it tomorrow. So your weight is only in the 25-50% making you a slim, trim fighting machine. But your pediatrician assures me you are getting what you need and healthy. We love you Little Mouse! Each and everyday is just a treaure and full of adventures now that you are in our lives. I so wish I could make time stand still and keep you this little forever. I especially love snuggling with you in the wee hours, rocking you in your nursery. You ask for hugs and insist I kiss your stuffed lamb then put your head on my shoulder and fall asleep in my arms. My sweet angel baby. Our prayer is you will grow up wise, not just making the right choices, but the best choices, responsible, Godly and with a heart for those who are less fortunate. We love you so. - Mommy and Daddy

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