Thursday, December 30, 2010

Teagan is 20 Months Old!

I can't believe in four short months our baby girl will be two! I am already planning a fun birthday party for you which will be in late March or early April this year due to the baby arriving on or very near your birthday. No worries Dad - we will stay away from inviting a bazillion kids over on Masters weekend, bien sur!
You weigh 24.4 lbs (without these cool cowboy boot wellington's Nana Mo got Mommy for Christmas. You love them as much as I do)!
You wear a size 18 mo - 2T
You wear a size 7 shoe
You are in size 4 diapers (this month we start to potty train as you seem ready to go, literally!)

Speaking of going, you love this new Smart Bike that you got for Christmas. I can't wait to try it out on our walks with Shanna and Krissy as you were getting so bored in your stroller.
You have changed so much in the last few weeks! Each day we notice you moving out of your baby phase and growing into a little girl. It makes me sad and yet Daddy and I love hearing your thoughts and seeing your personality develop.

You talk all the time and are starting to say more sentences. After spending a great Christmas with cousin Kade you have focused on "I had it." You don't whine or get upset when you two go after the same toy at exactly the same moment. "I had it" is simply a statement of fact and you expect someone to do something about it - pronto.

And you are so very independent, little mouse. You no longer want to hold my hand going up or down the stairs at home. This makes me nervous as I have yet to recover from your first emergency room trip. When I try to help it frustrates you and you exclaim, "Ugh! I no want it!!!"

You've also discovered a love of M&M's which I had sitting on the dining room table for the holidays, but no more! My little monkey, while Kade watched on with amusement you climbed up, up, up the chair and table to help yourself to a morning snack. It gave me quiet the scare and my heart a healthy jump start. Who needs coffee with a curious toddler around?
But for all your independence you are still sweet and cuddly. We love it when you ask for hugs and kisses which is often. If I leave the room for just a few moments and then return I am greeted with the most delightful reunion that melts my heart each time and makes me feel like the most loved mommy in the world. This enthusiasm is the same way you great each day whilst running through the house to "pay pay toys!!!" meaning you are indeed ready to play with your toys!

At night you are still busy. You bring me books to read to you while we rock in your chair before bed. Your current favorites are Joanna Cole's My Big Girl Potty, Victoria Osteen's My Happy Heart series and Priddy Book's Charlie Monkey.

You are also showing interest in counting. Nana Betty has been practicing with you as you go up and down the stairs. Now when I say the numbers one through five you will occasionally slip in the next number, or skip them all and go straight for your favorite "Pives!" You giggle as we count objects in your books or as you try to hold up your fingers to count. Everything is simply fun, a game and new learning experience for you and we treasure these simple, sweet days.

Happy New Year Teagan. Tonight your buddies Lera and Caleb will come over with their parents, aunt Melissa, Kade and Brianne for a game night. It is a great way to ring in the New Year. I can't wait to see what adventures our growing family gets up to in 2011! We love you so much our sweet, sweet baby girl!

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  1. Thank you for sharing her growth and happy days with proud grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends. Made my day!


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