Thursday, December 16, 2010

Toddler Christmas Party

Merry Christmas everyone! Today Teagan hosted a Christmas party for her Thursday Playdate toddler friends. We had such a great time making crafts, playing and eating sweet treats. I have a lot of love for these special women and look as forward to this day each week as Tea does. It amazes me that four out of five of us are pregnant with our second children, due within mere weeks of each other! Right now we have more boys than girls but with two of our mom's confirmed to have lots of pink in their future we think those numbers just may even out! We are looking forward to January 3rd when Krissy finds out what she is having. I am the lone holdout on Team Green and must confess it is much harder to wait for the surprise this time!
I just had to try making these adorable marshmellow pops after seeing a pink and white version on Hostess With the Mostess' site! Nana Betty helped!

The table pre-kiddos coming in!

Teagan gave each friend a cute ornament with their name and the year on it.
She loved making her Christmas crafts!
The finished products. See how proud she is? We put them on the tree.
Grandpa Gerry has a smile for us...but true to his word once all the kids arrived he sneaked up stairs, "As far away as possible..."
I love this picture of Shanna and Caleb. How cute is his Christmas outfit?
A sweet picture of Melissa and Grayson
Do you think half Swedish Elsa and half Irish Teagan are discussing what to do to resolve the financial crisis in Europe? They look oh-so-serious in this shot!
The closest we came to getting six little ones to sit together and look at a camera: Grayson, Kaden, Jackson, Caleb, Elsa and Teagan
Caleb just wants to get back to his train and says, "No more pictures!" I think the girls agree....
Happy camper Jackson!
Linda, Shanna, me, Krissy and Melissa with our little elves!
Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. What a pretty group! And they had such a nice party.

  2. Great pictures! Love your comment on Tea's and Elsa's conversation!! :)


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