Saturday, April 2, 2011

Teagan is 23 Months Old!

Happy April my sweet baby girl! On April 30th of this month you will be two years old! I am simply amazed at how fast these years disappeared. I still remember the moment when the doctor told us we had a beautiful little girl. We didn't find out before the delivery and Daddy predicted all along that you would be a girl. His heart just melted for you instantly. He even had tears in his eyes as he held you for the first time, don't let the big guy tell you otherwise!

Today you weigh 26.6 lbs!
This is such great news as you are a pretty picky eater most days. Your latest love is for mandarin oranges and raisins!
You wear a size 2T
You wear a size 7 shoe
You are in size 5 diapers, you moved up! I promise, promise that we will begin potty training soon as we stick closer to home with the baby!

My big girl! You might collect the post and drink your milk with an Irish accent but you are a southern girl at heart when you insist with a new southern drawl that "Mommy! Come h-ere!" And I think you've picked up a couple of Mommyisms as you start many a sentence off with an "Anyway..."

You are changing your French poodle's diaper which just goes to show you are gonna be an awesome big sister and mommy's helper when the baby comes!

But you are still my baby and always will be. This month you've become aware of boo-boos and come to me with pretend ailments and pseudo tears that can only be cured by a kiss. You've also taken a cue from your favorite Wonder Pet, Ming Ming and say, "Daddy, it's serious!!" Could this be a sign of girl drama to come????

You love baby dolls and strollers! As much as you like pushing the baby dolls around you also like dismantling the stroller. New expressions this month include, "I broke-ted that!" and "I fix-ted that!"

After talking to my friend Jennifer about how slurpees were good for the soul and the fact that I hadn't had one in about five years I picked one up at Target...but you little munchkin, decided it was in fact, YOUR slurpee. I think I got a teensy, tinsy sip of it!

On the eve of The Masters this shot makes Daddy's heart happy. He so hopes you will be a golf pro and he can follow you round the world as your caddy!

Your sweet babysitter and buddy Madeline gets a squeeze in!

You've been saying, "I can't find it." and "I forgot." Hmmmm...that could be due to my increasing brain cell loss as the pregnancy progresses and you witness me search for keys, purse, cell phone, etc....

Your first MP3 experience! I wonder what other technology you'll have in your lifetime that we didn't as I grew up?

That's all for now Little Mouse. You have been such a joy and blessing. We simply couldn't imagine life without our Teagan and I can't wait to celebrate you this month! - Love, Mommy

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