Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kade's School Picnic

Hello everyone!
We are in the final 24 hours before we start our baby adventure here and I wanted to post one more time before the fun starts! The past few days have been jam packed and I can't wait to share pictures from Teagan's super special second birthday party. We were rained out on Saturday but our sweet family and friends adjusted schedules so we could have the party on Sunday afternoon instead. It was a gorgeous, fun day here and we really enjoyed it. To say I was tired after hosting 17 kids and their parents is an understatement. Luckily Mom, Teagan and I were able to hang out most of the day on the deck enjoying the sun while we had a last minute carpet cleaning and house cleaners come in. I could totally get used to this!

Poppy got in last night from Texas and was greeted by Teagan runnnning across the lawn and jumping into his arms! It was the cutest thing and you'd never know it had been a year exactly since her last visit to his house! They are fast friends and didn't skip a beat thanks to keeping up with each other on Skype! At dinner she was so cute and kept trying to get his attention telling him all about her bouncy castle and party, Kade's school and more.

Brian has one more day at work but hopefully can scoot out early. Today Mom, Jim and I are going to cuddle little Teagan and take it easy. I can't believe this is her last day as an only child. I am so going to miss her when we are in hospital and am crossing my fingers that I only have to stay Wednesday and Thursday nights. That may seem impossibly short for those reading in countries where they keep C-section patients 5-7 days but as long as all is going well our doctors will let you go early here. That is fine with me as I think in two years I've spent two nights away from my little mouse. I know she'll be in great hands but we'll get more rest with my parents and Melissa pampering us from home. Meli, Mom and Jim will be at the hospital when Baby Kelly arrives and I can't wait for the moment when we get to introduce them to our new baby boy or girl!

But first I want to share more fun pictures! Last Friday we went to Kade's school for his spring Easter picnic. Teagan was so excited to visit her big cousin and they had a blast hunting for Easter eggs and meeting the Easter bunny. Teagan did declare she was, "Cared" or scared of the big bunny but she took an egg from him anyway!

Here are my favourite shots from the day.

Kade is all about Spider Man at the moment and even has a super Spidy Easter basket!

Kade got a quick cuddle from Nana Mo before the festivities began!

Kade and his soccer budy Aiden had a picnic together!

We love you Nana! We have a picture of her at this same picnic just before Teagan was born two years ago!

Aunt Melissa gives Teagan a squeeze as she had just fallen and was sad. We had a great time and were ready for a nap at this point!

Have a great day there everyone! More scoop coming sooooooooooooon............

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  1. awwww! Such sweet pictures and I can not wait to hear news on baby Kelly today! Boy oh Boy what a exciting, yet sad (because Tea's last day of being an only child) day! Kade and Tea look so cute!! Can't wait for them to get their gifts from baby. :)


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