Friday, April 29, 2011

An Easter Recap and a Special Request

Hello everyone! I am finally getting back to posting on the blog though I can't say it is with any more sleep as I seem to get less by the day. Every time I try to rest my head for a mid-day snooze or even during the wee hours, one little monkey ...or two will decide nap/sleep time is a no go! But I can't complain as I am absolutely in love with my girls and cherished our first week at home as a family of four. Today we had another visit with our most awesome lactation nurse and wonderful pediatrician. They make a great team and both said Isla looks great though her touch of jaundice is hanging on and she still hasn't gained her birth weight back. She is slowly climbing back up which is a good sign. She's at 6lbs 4 oz today and we have another visit on Tuesday to make sure she is still gaining weight!

In the meantime, I'd like to ask for prayers for my dad and stepmother tonight. On Easter Sunday my father had a massive heart attack and subsequent testing has revealed a plethora of medical issues that are impacting his upcoming bypass surgery and valve replacement this Tuesday. In the midst of this my stepmother is undergoing the toughest phase of her cancer treatment and needs all the stamina and energy she can get. My sisters have travelled to Texas to be with them and they are also getting support from my sweet cousin and aunt who have just been stellar. My mom also traveled back to Texas as my sisters are using her home as a base between hospital visits and she is keeping Kade during the day for Melissa. So everyone has really rallied and I only wish I could be there too but am having to focus on my own c-section recovery and getting Isla off to the healthiest start possible. It is so hard to be away at the moment but all I can do is pray they will both make a complete recovery. It would mean so much to our family if you could remember them in your prayers this week.

On a happier note, I wanted to share some of our Easter pictures with everyone. We had so much fun this season!

We had a fun Easter play date at Krissy's house! She even organized an easter egg hunt for us! Oh little Jackson! I love you to bits! Shanna looks amazing just days after giving birth to Liam. Look! Makeup and everything ... plus she walked to the party with a toddler and baby in tow! She totally inspires me!

I thought this was a cute shot of Jackson and Kaden who got a kick out of sitting on this storage box. It's the little things that make kids happy!

Our little bunnies came prepared to get some baskets in sight here. It's all about the Easter Pail this year! The kids had a blast making their craft.

Sweet shot of Melissa, Kaden and Grayson Too cute treats that Shanna, Dave, Caleb and Liam brought us for Easter. I got a kick out of the rice crispy shaped cross!

I love this picture of our house this Easter. The roses just went crazy and bloomed all at the same time and as a sweet greeting to baby Isla who was born just days before. Kudos to my husband as this is totally due to his green thumb. I so can't give even the hardiest of plants the will to survive!

Aunt Melissa got this sweet flag and pink balloons for our door when Isla was born!Easter Sunday! A happy Teagan getting her goodies from the Easter Bunny

The doctor told us to keep Isla away from church nursery and other public places for four weeks so we skipped church but had a fun Easter egg hunt in our backyard with Teagan and Kade!

The golden eggs were a big hit as they had money in them! Kade plans to buy anything Star Wars related with his find!

I loved the gorgeous azaleas from my friend Polly and the beautiful white Easter bunny from Jennifer. Both were surprise welcome home gifts for Isla and made the perfect Easter dinner centrepiece! We love you Poppy!

It was her first official Easter but Baby Isla happily snoozed through most of the day Isn't this a cute picture of Kade? He was so happy it was time to break out the chocolate bunnies!

Someone else was a fan too!

The closest I came to getting a picture with Teagan looking into the camera!

After lunch aunt Melissa, Nana Mo, Kade, Teagan, Isla and I piled onto our bed to make Easter crafts.

Silly Kade! He was really proud of his crafts and gave buddy Landon from next door one of them later.

Brian catching a sweet cuddle on the deck with Isla.

Poppy wrapped up the day by showing Teagan and Kade how to play new outdoor games.

We hope you and your family had a blessed Easter! Tomorrow is Teagan's second birthday. I hope to post more pictures then! Have a great Saturday everyone!

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  1. Super cute post, and love all the pictures!! Does the EB Leave his goodies outside for them to receive??? CUTE!


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