Saturday, December 10, 2011

Catching Up: Our Arizona Trip!

Happy weekend everyone! I am trying to get caught up on posting a ton of fun pictures we took on our trips to Arizona, Colorado, over Halloween and Thanksgiving! I can't believe we are already in December! Anyway, we had an amazing visit to the desert to see my sister's adorable family. Teagan and Isla loved hanging out with their cousins Peyton, Kiersten and Zachary!

Daydreaming under a desert sky!

Baby Isla was all smiles!

Zachary feeding the giraffes at the zoo! It was amazing how close we got to the animals!

This cracks me up! Little Tea getting introduced to scarecrows this fall. She seems to be thinking, "What's the scoop on your arms fella?"

The Daddys! We love them!

Our pretty girls! Equal parts fierce soccer players and graceful ballerinas! They are gearing up for their annual roles in The Nutcracker right now. goodness. I remember holding this girl as a newborn. Here she is just weeks after her 13th birthday! Her heart is just as beautiful!
I love my sis! We could talk for hours and Brian is always tickled at how we finish each other's thoughts and move on to new topics with rapid fire speed! What? We just have LOTS to cover in a short time on these visits. I always leave her house refreshed and inspired with design ideas, healthy recipes, homeschooling in our home and crazy cute birthday party ideas for the kids!

Fun Is: The slide in my cousin's backyard!

Another shot of Peyton's cute scrunchies she made for Tea in three colors.!

Hi handsome boy! Happy December birthday to you!

Teagan hung out in her Halloween costume this mid-October day. She was excited about being a purple fairy this year thanks to Auntie Angie who bought her this costume! Just this week she donned the same attire for naptime.

Zachary has joined his family's love of soccer! He made something like five goals one Saturday morning while we were there!

This photo made me smile. Teagan loves squirrels (see the shirt?) and is pretending to be a squirrel here eating an acorn!
Teagan says goodbye from the airport! We had SO much fun on this visit and miss our family already. We're on our way to Colorado next so stay tuned for more fun pics!


  1. WOW!! The picture of you and your sister is stunning. I just keep scrolling back up to look at it. Loved this post. Makes me so happy you have one another. Wish they were closer!


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