Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I wanted to share our Christmas card that we made on Shutterfly this year. Last year we spent big bucks with a professional photographer and expensive cards because Brian's parents Gerry and Betty were visiting from Ireland. We are on a tighter budget this year so I took all the photos except for where Kade is wearing blue. My friend Jennifer took that one and it is a favorite. Shutterfly had some great promotions going on and we got 100 cards for under $40!! I am still amazed and pleased as cranberry punch with the way they turned out! Each year I use Shutterfly to make calendars for the grandparents, myself, Melissa and Brian and that's my next project before the end of the year!
My Isla at eight months old! We took these pictures before naptime one day. She is always my sweet, happy baby!

She got her two front teeth for Christmas! You can barely see tooth #1 popping through here but I took this picture just two weeks ago.

Oh mon dieu. Little monkey Teagan! THIS picture took no less than 143 tries. Oh but I love her. It's just easier to get action shots of my two year old this year so I am happy we got one photo to work with!

We went to Kade's school Christmas program last week and I was SO proud of him!

And he even let his auntie capture a few photos despite the late hour!

Merry Christmas everyone! I can't wait to share our Tree Hopping photos. Today we are off to see Santa, take #2! I tried earlier this week thinking the line was short only to be told they are on a pager system and there was a two hour wait. A pager system??? I am just crossing my fingers that we are the last parents in town to get these shots today so we'll be able to walk right up to his jolly 'ole self! Hopefully sans any tears. From the kids. Or me. Stay tuned!!

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  1. You make me laugh. I love this family!! Teagan, Kade and Isla are so beautiful Michelle!!


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