Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

We still don't have our tree or fresh garland up but it is getting very Christmassy around here! I am all about deco mesh this year which I promise has changed my life! Thank you Pinterest! I wasn't ready for the fall to be over so this wreath has lots of gorgeous red and copper tones with sumptious cheetah patterned ribbon peaking through!

I love this mini paper circle ornament I made for a smaller tree in our dinning room.

Deco mesh strikes again! This time I used lots of lime green and bright reds. Lovin' it though it doesn't match our maroon PB stockings. Hmmm. I used a Picnick feature that's making it look a bit wild here. It's not that bright. You get the idea though.

My french doors got a spruce up too!

And so did the chandelier in the dining room thanks to my friend Shanna who taught me how to make these sparkly tissue pom poms.

These paper circles have been my obsession for weeks now. I think I made 40 of them. Yes. Forty. And I have the glue gun burns to prove it. They are beautiful, aren't they?

I so love a little bling and added my bits of jewels to them.

Believe me when I type that it was no small feat getting them to hang on the wall. It.was.hard. Ultimately after several failed mediums and multiple trips to Hobby Lobby, Michael's and AC Moore I called in reinforcements via my engineer hubby who got them up with liquid nail gun for construction glue. He had an awesome idea to use plastic lattice work to make an even bigger display and I so can't wait for Valentines or one of the girl's birthday parties to give this a go again! One note, we hung them too high but it was a last minute communication snafu as guests were about to show for our North Pole Breaky. They should be slightly higher than the dining room table as a lovely backdrop!

We made our first gingerbread house when Kade was visiting because he is an expert on these sorts of things at age four. He directed us well and mission accomplished! This was lots of fun!

I am touched by this simple picture because Tea and Kade were putting on shoes to help Brian put the Christmas lights up the day after Thanksgiving. I can't believe how big they've gotten and so fast!

Oh here is trouble. I mean, poor Isla. Can you just seeeeeeee the amount of messing these two will do with her? She's none too happy with it.

My sweet baby! Sporting her new tooth for Christmas. I took this one afternoon last week.

After our North Pole Breakfast we caught a much needed snooze. That night our neighborhood had a Christmas party for the kids with dinner at the golf club house, crafts to make, Santa came to visit and they got to ride on his "sleigh" through the hood on a horse drawn wagon which was a huge hit! The night wrapped up with the dj playing some fun music. The sight of Santa and a bazillion kids on the dance floor around him is something I'll never forget. We had a great time AND I got pics of the big guy with Kade, Teagan and Isla - and nary a tear was involved. Score!

Teagan was delighted to find a few treasures in our Christmas tote boxes! With that we say sláinte! More Christmas festivities to come!


  1. Michelle......I had no idea that you were sooo creative! Amazing! Hope you and the fmaily are well!

  2. What a pretty Christmas you're having. I like the decorations and the wonderful pictures.

  3. Love everything! And I have to say, as much as I hated making the paper pom poms, I am feeling like I need to make more bc I have a ton of white tissue paper and I want snow flakes in K's playroom...if only I had 8 pairs or hands!

  4. I love Isla looking at Santa....priceless!!!!


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