Thursday, March 8, 2012


Happy Wednesday everyone! I am so excited to introduce you to someone special. She's the newest member of our family as our second sponsored child via Compassion International. We are already feeling so blessed!


Elibie is a sweet girl who lives in the country of Burkina Faso and she will be seven years old in May. She does not currently attend school but helps her family with child care and running errands for them. For fun Elibie likes to play with dolls, group games and hide-and-seek.

She lives with her father who at times is employed as a mason and her mother who sometimes gets work as a cleaner. Where she lives houses are typically constructed of dirt or cement floors, mud or brick walls and tin roofs.

The regional diet consists of maize, beans, rice, chicken, beef, guinea pig, fish and bananas. Common health problems in this area include malaria and meningitis. Most adults are unemployed but some work as day laborers, farmers, market traders or in domestic services and earn the equivalent of $33 per month.

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in western Africa. It's slightly larger than Colorado. With a population of 13 million, it is one of the poorest countries in the world having few natural resources, fragile soil and an unequal distribution of income and prevalence of HIV/AIDS.

About 50 percent of the population is Muslim, 40 percent practice indigenous religions and about 10 percent are Christian, both Catholic and Protestant. 

We pray that through our sponsorship, Compassion International will be able to free Elibie from the chains of poverty. I love how this organization tackles poverty from several angles, one child at a time.

Call to Action: Change the Story
Today, you have the opportunity to sponsor a child of your own for $38 a month, the price of a meal out...or a little over a dollar a day per month. Touch the life of a child in Jesus' name. Listen to God's soft, quiet voice leading you. I promise you won't miss this money but it will have such a HUGE impact not only on your sponsored child but on their entire family.

Here are some of the children waiting for sponsors....

 Ceasar, (age 6) Nicaragua - waiting 358 days for a sponsor

Mebelyn (age 4) Honduras

Olnise (age 3) Haiti

As a former auditor I appreciate that Compassion International has been around for 60 years now and has received the highest ratings for financial accountability by independent auditing agencies. Charity Navigator has credited them with having the most consecutive four-star ratings in the nation.

Please comment if you are already a sponsor or if you decide to become one so we can pray for you and your sponsored children! Congratulations to Jim and Maureen who sponsored Bethlehem today from Ethiopia! What an amazing journey you've embarked on. And I know that little girl will be spoiled to bits by you!

In Jesus' Name, Michelle


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