Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Little Shopaholic Mini Me!

My pictures today are looking at the Spirit O' Paddy's Past!
Here Teagan is at almost two years old. She looks so little to me here. 

Oh boy. Am I in trouble. As in trou-UH-ble. I've suspected this for a few weeks but now it becomes official: my almost three year old loves shopping as much as her mommy! I took Teagan and Isla out today for shoes. Just shoes. Ok, and two white shirts to wear under their St. Patrick's Day dresses. But you get the idea. Not a big, long day. Just a store or two. Easy-breezy, right?

That plan so did not happen. We had only been in Store #1 a milisecond when Teagan began  throwing clothes into our stroller with such abandon I couldn't keep up! Wait a minute??!? What happened to keeping our hands to ourselves? What of sitting in the stroller quietly so mom could shop and we could move on to better things like kiddie train rides and an ice cream treat?

None of this mattered. She was on a mission, grabbing up anything her toddler hands could reach. Anything, friends. I am still stunned by her speed, her grace. I thought I could do some damage in record time but we had sparkly headbands, shirts in a rainbow of colors, a boy's baseball cap...scary bright orange sandles five sizes bigger than little Tea's feet. Sigh. And that was just one store.

...I'm not even sure how we managed to get outta The Children's Place without alarms going off! It wasn't until Isla innocently handed me a pair of glittery jelly sandals that I realized the secret stash of stuff underneath her feet. We had to double back and give up the goods to a sweet natured salesperson. Even in "my" store she found a green cardigan and wouldn't take it off opting instead to parade around and around until the sales team fell into a fit of giggles. But they weren't laughing  when she dumped a table full of sunglasses on the floor insisting that the cool tray beneath them had to be hers. Before long I was worn out and cut out trip short without the shoes, the train ride or the ice cream. We still had a great time. As we happily headed home Teagan muttered with her sleepy eyes closing, "Mommy, can we just go to one more store???" 

Yes, I have my little mini shopaholic. If you haven't read this series by Sophie Kinsella you must! It is hilariously funny. And I am so grateful for my two mini me girls! This week I can't wait to share our infertility/path to parenthood story, Paddy's Day fun and more! Hope you'll be back soon.



  1. Hi - I wanted to let you know that I featured your link from last week:

    Thanks, Pamela

  2. Michelle @ Liturgical TimeMarch 12, 2012 at 1:03 AM

    So cute!  I'm following from the Linky Followers party hop.  Glad I stopped by to see your cutie!

  3. fun fun pictures!!
    and  happy Saint Patricks day too!
    you guys can do all my shopping!

  4. She is the funniest child!

  5. Ha! She would too! Bless her heart. And she just offered to take us allllllll to Disney World with her pennies.

  6. Thanks so much, Michelle! Hope you'll be back again!

  7. This made my day, Pamela! Left you a message on your site too. I always love linking up to your weekly party!


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