Monday, March 19, 2012

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

When Irish eyes are smiling
Sure it's like a morn in spring.
In the lilt of Irish laughter,
You can hear the angels sing.
When Irish hearts are happy,
All the world seems bright and gay.
Sure, they steal your heart away...

We had so many reasons to smile last week as we celebrated St. Patrick's Day. On Wednesday we got together with Teagan's buddies at an art studio to make all kinds of crafty fun!

I love this idea! They used contact paper which allowed the kids to stick buttons, felt, glitter and more to their shamrocks. When they were finished contact paper was added to the top to seal everything in and the excess was trimmed away! My friend Nisha said she will do this with an egg shape for an Easter craft for her neighborhood kids. Brilliant!

Sweet little Ashleigh!

I am so glad we recently met Katie from England and her precious boy, Leo! He hasn't met little Brecken, Liam or Landon yet but they are sure to become fast friends!

Two of my favorite girls! Lera and mommy Natasha.

Lera always has the best smiles!

We were super psyched that Zea and mom Nisha switched their schedule around to join us!

Ellie and Vivienne are also new, treasured friends. They are the sweetest and prettiest little girls. This goo they are playing with is like play dough/slime that doesn't stick. I heard it was made of some sort of acid....yikes! Normally the mention of acid and my little babies make for one nervous mommy but thankfully by the time I heard what it was made of the kids had been playing happily with it. In fact, they LOVED it! I have a hard enough time getting our dinners made according to the recipe so I don't see us trying this one at home!

Teagan and Ellie painting with colored shaving cream.

With the Irish, Russians, British, Americans and French representin' we've become quite the international play group! French Ellie is here with Teagan. Ellie is seriously talented with her art as is photographer mom, Catherine!

Aren't Vivienne and mom Heather beautiful? They lived in Colorado and Texas too!

It was a treat to catch up with Daniel, sister Ashleigh and their mom, Polly! We miss seeing them each week.

Zea and Teagan grabbing a quick hug!

This was another project where the kids used tongs to drop metal balls covered with sparkly paint into galvanized pizza pans. When the balls hit the round paper they made a cool pattern! Those ladies at the studio are just genius! I can't wait for Tea's next class with them later this month for Easter!

I spied little Ashleigh working away on her own as the class wrapped up. I just love this shot but wish my blog template would let me display a bigger version. It would even be cool in black and white or with a color focus. And I love that we can see all our kid's artwork hanging up above her drying before we head home with them.

Destination: Inspiration is coming up for Tuesday! And I can't wait to share photos from our Paddy's Day celebrations on Saturday afternoon and night! Have a great Monday, all!


  1. This looks so fun!  I love art projects with kids ;)  That last pic is precious - definitely a keeper.  And the blog looks greaet - we {heart} butterflies in our house, too!

  2. We enjoyed seeing those children creating at such an early age. Tea's little Irish eyes were certainly shining that day!

  3. Thanks, Cameron! This little studio is so much fun for our kids! I am loving this blog background too. The bright colors make me happy! Happy Easter and thanks for the awesome inspiration you keep providing!


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