Monday, January 17, 2011

All's Well!

Hello friends! We've been missing in action for the past week because I jinxed us with my last post!! After I declared us well and ready to tackle the New Year poor Teagan, Gerry and I came down with the dreaded stomach virus that has made its way 'round the south.

I feel terrible about it because we kept Gerry and Betty in the US an extra week in an effort to keep them from being stuck in Newark due to all the snowy weather...and then promptly exposed them to the worst virus ever! Oops. What can I say? I am The Hostess With The Mostess to be sure! Last week was long and included more doctor trips, pharmacy visits, loads of laundry and multiple sterilization hits around the house.

This was followed by my laptop's hard drive crashing this weekend which has me snagging bits of time on Brian's computer at night until we figure out what to buy to replace the one we had. What a crazy start to 2011! If you have any recommendations for what we should buy or must-have features/programs I'd love to hear from you so post a comment! It has been ages since we've shopped for one of these.

Then just as I was starting to have a serious case of cabin fever we made a full recovery, saw Gerry and Betty to the airport for their flight back to Ireland and the sun came out over a long, beautiful weekend. We went for walks and visits with the neighbors, who flooded the cul-de-sac as happy as we were for the chance to be outside! Today we celebrated Martin Luther King Day and as Brian was off work we took a trip to the local kids science museum where we met up with friends.

This week Teagan and I start a new mom's bible study and I am excited for both of us! I look forward to meeting some more mom's of preschoolers in the area. While I am in the study Teagan will have story, crafts and playtime. Then on Wednesday I have my monthly check-up on the baby (and another chance to predict the gender based on the heart beat rate) and that night we'll have dinner with our sweet neighbors next door. Thursday and Friday we have more playdates planned with the Thursday play date group and at Natasha's...I am feeling kinda spoiled here having so many fun things packed into the week! It's gonna be busy but so welcome after the past few weeks! What fun things are you looking forward to this week?

Here are a few pictures we captured from today.
Nothing makes my heart happier than to see my little girl well and looking so happy! She had too much fun today! She loved the various puzzle tables.
She and Daddy conducted an experiment to see what would float or sink. This included shells, balls, corks, boats and more. She had a blast!

Her friend Lera gave her a BIG hug! They hadn't seen each other since New Year's
And she and buddy Caleb had a kiss which made Daddy nervous! Ha! Teagan calls him "K-yeb"
It was so great to have Dave and Brian join us as it's usually the moms who get to have all the fun on these play dates!
Saying good-bye to Lera but not looking too happy about it. See you on Friday, Lera!
After a great day out we got home to find Olivia and Landon from next door had made the cutest snow woman and man in our backyard from the tiny bits of snow left. We shared a cup o' Barry's tea with them and their Dad. So glad their family moved in next door!

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