Saturday, January 22, 2011

Technically Challenged

I'd love to say I took a break from the computer for 48 hours ...and 27 minutes by choice. That I embarked on an adventure to refocus my priorities, clear my mind and gain some sort of organic enlightenment. But that's just not the way it happened my friends! My husband doesn't call me "Click-Click" for nothing!

With my laptop officially fried and no idea what we should get to replace it, I knew I would have to break away from minute-by-minute access to the internet when at home. But it wasn't until Brian made a last minute trip to Seattle for a client, taking his laptop with him from Thursday through Saturday morning, that I began to see that perhaps I need to step away from the small screen a tad more often? I can't imagine what I would do with serious high tech functionality at my fingertips!

The timing actually worked out well as we had a ton of fun activities planned for the week! Here are a few of my favorite moments.
I love this sweet picture of Teagan in the kid's boat at our local library. We had so much fun meeting Krissy and Jackson for storytime which include singing, dancing, books, bubbles and more! Can't wait to join them again next week.
She shared toys with the other kids but her yogurt melts? Not a chance!
On Wednesday we had a gorgeous dinner with our neighbors, The C Family! We love them so much and are so happy they moved in next door! On this night Olivia, Madeline and Landon put on a play for us!
Venturing out to collect the post. It's not the same without Nana Betty here!
We hosted our Thursday playgroup this week. I thought this picture of Teagan waiting at the window for Caleb, who had just arrived, was so cute!
The smile says it all!
Sweet Jackson loved his snack and sitting at the table, albeit pink!
Quiet possibly Teagan's first double date?
She has snack on her face but I had to include this because the coat Nana Mo gave her matches her outfit perfectly! Thanks Nana!We had a great play date on Friday at Natasha and Lera's house, a kid's paradise!

Caleb loved the slide!

Isn't this pink poodle rocker so cute? Soon we will redecorate Tea's room with a pink and black Paris theme and this would fit in perfectly!

It's Saturday morning...and what do I hear??? Daddy's home!!!
Hope all are having a happy Saturday! Today Brian and I felt the first signs of a beautiful, sunny springtime headed our way! Spring is the time of year that I feel so renewed, hopeful and excited about new beginnings. Perhaps this is a carryover from my days in Japan when all started anew in spring including the school year just as the cherry blossoms began to bloom?

I am already thinking about the next stages for this blog and expanding it to include giveaways. So for today's comments, tell me what sort of giveaways would interest you? And also what blogs do you like to follow? I look forward to hearing from you and promise to answer each response!

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  1. These beautiful, healthy children warm my heart!

  2. Hi Michelle!
    I found your blog via facebook and am so glad I did! It is fun to read about your adventures and see photos of your sweet girl. Your voice totally comes thru in writing and makes me wish you were still in CO so we could play and laugh and talk together!

  3. Thanks Nana!

    Welcome and I am SO glad to hear from you!! We miss you guys so much and hope to visit Colorado sometime in 2011...we've got to introduce our kiddos to each other - the next Knottie generation! Big hugs to you, Brad and Micah!


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