Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Be Mature

Be Mature....it can be a daunting task for me, even on the best of days my friends! Teagan and I had a blast this morning as we started a new mom's bible study called MOMS: Making Our Mothering Significant. We are reading one of Warren W. Wiersbe's "BE" books. This one focuses on James.

I was a bit nervous going in not knowing anyone and not at all sure that my late little self was indeed in the correct classroom. This is a HUGE church ya'll...as in 3,500 people attended service last Sunday huge. So as I navigated through the various halls filled with other classes meeting at the same time I found a room that seemed to be in the right spot, snuck in the back and bent down low to ask a woman with her back to me...and to my surprise it was a friend of mine, Stacey T!

Stacey and I have been in bible studies at another church together over the years, met for play dates with our girls and had a lot of laughs. She is gorgeous and also one of those people whose sense of peace and optimism just radiates from her. I always walk away from a conversation with her feeling a little happier, a little lighter. Isn't that an amazing gift to be blessed with? And how crazy is it that we ended up in the same class???

I loved meeting all the women and so can't wait to get to know them more. This is going to be such an awesome few weeks taking me right up to the delivery of baby Kelly. Tea had a great time in the class as well though a few tears were shed in the beginning. She loved having lunch at Auntie Melissa's house after and thought it was too funny when we Skyped Nana Mo and Poppy! She'd been asking to go to their house all morning so this was a nice way to wrap up before naptime!

More adventures tomorrow...and this time I'll not forget my freshly charged camera! Be organized, Mommy! Cheers everyone.

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