Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pains, Trains and Automobiles

We are off to a new week here! I love this picture of Brian and Teagan after church on Sunday. It was nap time but she was full of beans and ready to play.
The weather was nice so all the kids were out and about. Tea is calling her buddies over in this shot. The big kids are SO sweet to her and one of the reasons I love our cul-de-sac. We ended up with ten kids -bikes, soccer balls and motorized cars in tow at our house in seconds. They played for about two hours before Tea took a very long nap. Twin Lindsay let Tea sit in her mini Mustang! Both the girls look tired but were having fun!
Brian took her in for a quick clothing change as it got chilly. I love how he paired the jeans with the dress...(hadn't thought of that) and he even has the matching hat going. Good job, Dad!!!
Olivia took Tea round and round on her bike which just made her day!
Alas today we have colds. When I sneeze she says, "Bless you, Mommy." We spent the day indoors and just taking it easy. She got her nail clippers and file out so I am thinking she wanted a mani/pedi in this shot?

Bummed as we were supposed to go to bible study this morning but I feel guilty exposing more families to our germs. This has been a very long month and I am ready to move into some spring weather with lots of healthy Kellys!

Hopefully we'll be well enough to host our Soup Swap/Game Night party on Friday and I am meeting my girlfriends for dinner on Saturday! What are you up to this week?

I so hope you guys can watch this video. I took Tea to a mall last week and they have a super cool train for the kids. She waited all day to ride it and here we are waiting for it to start. She was beyond excited as she is all about trains at the moment!

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  1. I love the "choo choo" video. I forget how little she is sometimes.


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