Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Feel Me

I can't wait to post about a ton of exciting things going on around here in 2012! But today I have just a nanosecond whilst the little ones nap...make that ONE little one naps. That would be the baby. The other? Not so much these days.

I took Isla with me to Bed, Bath and Beyond this week on the search for a new bath mat. We did indeedy find said bath mat and made our way around the store, browsing and running into nice people. It's her hair. Red hair. People love it. I guess because there aren't that many red-headed babies here. I talk to lots of sweet grandparents who tell me about their little ones with red hair. And I absolutely love every minute of the distraction. It's great meeting new people. Especially when they are being nice about my bambinos.

But as I rounded one corner I noticed a younger guy gave me the oddest look. What for, I wondered? Hmmm...could it be because I had brought Isla straight from her nap in her pjs? I rarely do that. But listen, we are up to six outfit changes for my girls a day. I feel like I am living with Scarlett O'Hara as Teagan refuses to nap in her "day" clothes despite my pleas.


I wondered if he looked at me oddly because this formerly matching mama who wouldn't dream of going out of the house without makeup was ...well, out of the house without makeup (again) with tennis shoes, jeans and an Irish rugby polo on. I looked a bit of a mess alright.

Or could it be that he thought it strange that I was in Bed, Bath and Beyond pushing Isla around in a Michael's shopping cart? To this I say tired mamas should not be required to lift 20 lbs babies in and out of shop carts that are so very close to the front door just because they are bright red while the shop's carts are blue. Who's with me?

Now, I can just hear Brian now telling me I am crazy to have obsessed all the way around the store about this. But it was just a second and then I moved on to talk to another sweet set of grandparents from New York.

Anyhoo...a full 15 minutes later as I checked out the sweet cashier and I struck up a convo. Mid-sentence about the red headed child in my cart she asked, "Do you know you have a big Feel Me sticker on your tum, hon?"

Hon is southern speak for "honey".

And no I did NOT know I had a big  
Feel Me
sticker on my tum.


Flash back to our entry into the bath mat department when my long armed eight month old grabbed that sticker and had it headed straight for her mouth. I stuck it to my tum never reading what it said. So let that be a lesson to all you moms out there! READ THE STICKER FIRST! I mean, it could say anything in this country, no?

In other mommy news. It's never a dull moment around here. Here's what happens when your boy cousin spends the night with a girl cousin who adores him...

And with that...naptime is finito! Have a great day everyone!

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