Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hoppin' Around the Christmas Tree!

Happy New Year! Here it is the 7th of January and I still have Christmas pics to post! Today I am posting pictures of the girls with Santa and our first annual Christmas Tree Hop! We went to four houses where each family featured an appetizer (or several amazing ones, as in the case of Natasha and Scott's house), a dessert and specialty drink. After time spent in each home the hosts gave a Christmas toast in front of their Christmas tree and we were off to the next house! We played games and really enjoyed the night which was magical!

Sweet Natasha and Scott's house marked our first stop. See all her lovely decorations?

This photo cracks me up! I asked Lera to HUG Teagan, not squeeze her neck! Nevermind, Tea thinks it's funny! She loves her buddy Lera!

Scott and Natasha in front of their tree!

A rare picture of Brian and myself!

Shanna, Natasha, me, and Krissy!

I know we will look back at this photo next year and just think they looked so little. Our babies are growing up so fast!

A sweet Daddy moment amidst the festivities!

Da Boyz! They were gonna do a Tebow on this but changed their minds!

What a blessing to have these sweet friends in my life!

At Krissy and Kevin's we changed the babies into their pjs and they played so sweetly together. Sweet dreams little ones! Christmas is just a few days away!

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