Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Trip to Colorado

Brian, Teagan, Isla and I took a trip to Colorado...all the way back in October! Yes, October. It was a short trip and oh, there were so many friends we wanted to see but didn't get to. Still, I am so, so, so grateful for this group of friends we did get to hang out with. I truly mean it when I say we love them with all our hearts and miss them SO much!! I am just posting the pictures now because when we returned from that trip we all came down with virus after virus, colds, ear infections...you name it and we had it. Then just as we were lifting our heads out of the fog the holidays came flying in at super sonic speed. I felt like I was posting away and couldn't keep up with all the fun activities we had going on.

So now I have a ton of pictures to post from October through November including this trip, Halloween, an awesome time at the zoo and Thanksgiving! And did I mention I like to take pictures? Hunnnnnnnnnnndreds of pictures. We lived in Colorado for about eight years. It was just amazing getting back there and feeling like not a day had past since we saw them last! So I snapped, snapped away. Here are some of my favorite shots:

Three of my favorite girls: Michiko, Ann-Marie and my baby Isla. We met a bunch of friends at the coolest park the morning after we arrived. Luckily our visit fell in between two crazy snowstorms! We got great weather while we were in town.

Big guy Cian! I still remember holding him as a baby in the hospital!
He's so big now but just as cute as ever!

Sweet little Stephen, Brian and Michiko's son

And his brother Sean. How cute is he???

Super cool Paul who is French!
Just like mom Valerie he's got style...check out the cool pants!

I love this shot of the kids in front of the barn door.
Teagan with a bunch of boys...Daddy beware!

Leo, Ryan, Paul, Cian, Sean, Teagan and Stephen

Our godson Ryan!We stayed with him and brother Cian. The kids had such a blast playing and became fast friends. This makes my heart so happy: the second generation of friends between our two families. Conor and Ann-Marie were our little matchmakers years ago! 

I have BIG love for this family!

Sweet Kelly and baby Maeve who is just a few months older than Isla.
 Don't you just LOVE that name?!

Hi Maeve! I see so much of your sister Bridget in you! Isn't she precious?

Ann-Marie with baby Isla!
Another family I can't get enough of! Bridget is closing her eyes (no doubt because I totally interrupted their lunch to get this pic)!

Marty, Maeve, Kelly and Bridget

Da girls! Oh this makes me homesick!

Ann-Marie, me, Kelly, Aileen, Rachael, Michiko, Valerie and Renee

My dance partners! Up to no good, no doubt.

Valerie and Ann-Marie

Kisses girls!!!

Ann-Marie, me, and Rachael

Happy Is: Seeing old friends that make us smile!

Out on the town Halloween night!

Three Amigos

Conor, Brian and Vince

Aileen, Rachael, me, Kristen and Ann-Marie

Teagan and Cian weren't so keen on me taking pics nut Ryan totally let me capture lots. I can't wait to share our Halloween pictures in tomorrow's post....

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