Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Last Look at Christmas 2011

Can you believe how gorgeous this girl (not to mention the cake) is?! This is a bit out of order but we celebrated Russia's Christmas on January 7th at Scott, Natasha and Lera's house. Dinner was simply divine and we had an awesome night!

Not only can she cook, build retaining walls, paint, garden and so much more (leaving the rest of us weary mamas to wonder how she does it???)! Natasha made these beautiful stockings in a mere two days! I keep telling her she has to open her own business!

On their tree they have several of these ornaments and I thought they were such a great idea!

Isla has a super crush on Scott ...and he loves her too which explains why after THIS look he let her play with his glasses! So sweet!

And little Isla loves Natasha too...one of the few people she will let hold her these days!

The girls came out to model their Disney Princess shoes. I thought it was a hoot that they color coordinated them as there were several pairs to choose from. They had such a blast that night!

Lera is starting dance classes soon and had to show me her ballerina ornament. She is SO excited about becoming one herself!

On Christmas Eve we went to the most amazing candelight service at our church. After we had dinner with our neighbors. The dinner was wonderful, conversation and laughter flowed! I loved their sweet place settings...this was Isla's first Christmas Eve and they made it extra special!

I love this simple yet elegant centerpiece!

Jennifer's style is so awesome. How smart to use this burlap on the tree? Love!

Lonnie showing Teagan that Santa was already in Scotland and on his way over to us so she better go to sleep...oh Technology, how we love you!
On Christmas Day we had Kevin, Krissy, Jackson and baby Brecken over for dinner. This is our kiddie table for Teagan and Jackson!

And our table for Christmas Dinner!

I love this centerpiece from Poppy & Nana Mo!

Our tree! We were blessed by super generous grandparents who made this Christmas extra special for the girls the doll house, the train, barn door and don't forget the sparkly suitcase are just a few of the amazing gifts the girls got!

Opening her stocking...Calico Critters to go in her doll house were a huge hit this year!

I just love this picture of Teagan helping Daddy with his stocking while Isla watches on.

A sweet sister picture before church last weekend. We are off to a new year!

Guess what everyone? We officially took our Christmas decorations down the first weekend of January! This is truly amazing news because every year when the holiday wraps up I have a sad, sad hubby on my hands. Brian gets super protective of his tree and decor so I've learned to ease him into the work week before taking anything down. One year a weary me, pregnant with Teagan let him have his way. And I kid you not, we had a tree up until almost March! I've promised him Valentine's and St. Paddy's day festive looks so stay tuned!

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