Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Birthday Love

Last week we celebrated our little friend Liam's first birthday! He is the sweetest baby, so big, strong and smart! He's paving the way for babies Isla, Landon and Brecken who were born just weeks after him. Happy birthday Little Man! We have big love for you, Daddy Dave, Mommy Shanna and big brother Caleb! Here's to a terrific 2012!

Oh babies! Liam was trying to give his buddy a ton of hugs but Landon was having none of it!

Big brother Caleb was so excited that he got to help out with their birthday tradition of having a cupcake for breaky!

Hi Brecken! He took his first steps just days after this pic!

Landon hanging out at the train table

Brian was teasing Teagan that she doesn't like cupcakes...and did that get a rather enthusiastic response! She was first in line for her strawberry treat!

I spy a sweet moment of Isla with her Daddy....and he is such a wonderful Daddy. Makes me so grateful that we've been so blessed. 

I love this picture of Isla and Brecken looking outside

Proof that Teagan did start the party with a cute little dress and matching bow that lasted about 5.5 seconds before disappearing in the play room! Lately neither one of my girls will wear a bow for any amount of coaxing on mommy's part. Boo. Crossing my fingers that this is a short phase they are going through!

Jackson serving cokes to his friend Caleb in his outdoor "store"

The birthday boy gets a snuggle with his Grandpa Reggie

It is hard to believe my baby Isla will be one year old THIS month! And big sister Teagan will be three. I just want them to stay this little forever and am trying to cherish each and every moment. 

Happy birthday, Liam! We had so much fun celebrating with you and look forward to a great year of new adventures!

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