Sunday, April 8, 2012

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

We had SO much fun yesterday! First, we met family and friends for an Easter egg hunt, pictures with the bunny, crafts, playing outside and finally had dinner at our house that my friend Shanna made. I fell into bed exhausted but for some reason can't sleep a wink! That's going to make Brian's super leaded coffee a must in the morning because today promises to be special too! We are headed to a special early service at church followed by brunch at one of our favorite spots and shopping!  

Teagan was super excited to see The Easter Bunny!

Our babies! Isla, Brecken, Madeline and Landon loved the baby zone for the Easter Egg Hunt where they could take their time getting eggs.

My sweet bunny snagged these off Brecken's head! She kept taking them off then trying to put them back on!

Later we had friends over to play outside and make Easter crafts before sitting down to dinner.

I love this shot of Baby Liam!

Logan was riding his new bike without training wheels and took a scary tumble! He said I MUST get a picture of his wound. And in return he broke out a way cool break dance for me! *LOL*

I love these sweet kids from our street! I can't believe how fast everyone is growing up!

My little rose...

Teagan and Caleb had lots of giggles in the police car! He's a much better driver than our little mouse!

I finally feel sleepy so I'm off to snag some sleep! What are you up to this Easter Sunday? Leave a comment below. I pray it is super special for you and your family!

Blessings, Michelle


  1. Wow! Looks like the kids had a great time! Love the pictures...they are priceless and really capture the moment! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Yes I am very proud of  my brother and thanks for the link up invite! Will be adding you to the "blogs I follow" blog roll on my main page! Have a blessed Day!!!

  2. Such cute pictures. Looks like you had a very happy Easter. :)


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