Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Five: Reasons I Love Being a Mom of Girls

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks to those who are popping in from Kelly's Korner for her Show Us Your Life (SUYL) series. Kelly's blog is one of my very favorites and our girls are all about the same ages. Like Kelly, I use my blog to share my faith, family fun, role as an Advocate for Compassion International and a new bit of my addiction to crafts and DIY (thanks to Pinterest)! You are so welcome here and I hope you will join us on Tuesdays for my Destination: Inspiration linky party where I feature homemade crafts, inspirational writing, DIY  transformations and more.

Today's topic is moms who have daughters and that's me! I decided to capture this as part of my Friday Five. My husband Brian is from County Galway in Ireland. Our daughter Teagan will turn  three years old and Isla (pronounced "eye-la") will celebrate her first birthday this month so I have lots of reasons to love my blessed life! Here we go....

Five Reasons I Love Being a Mom of Girls

1. Because Life is Too Short For Anything Not Sparkletastic!

In our house tutus and fairy wings, bows and anything sparkly are the norm for breakfast, a trip to the store and even nap time! I am so in love with fun girly clothes but have to say little boy duds are catching up! And good thing because lately Teagan is also into the color green. Really into it. And she is just as likely to pick out a truck to play with over a doll. But for now we are still having fun with girly attire. Last night I painted her little piggie toes a sparkly pink and she was SO excited she couldn't wait for them to dry before twirling around for Daddy to see!

This purple fairy costume is a nap time favorite!

Tutus and cowgirl boots always look fabulous!

And bows with golf? Of course!

Isla's first Halloween tutu. My little pumpkin!

2. I Can Indulge My Love of Dressing Them Alike (at least for now...without it being weird)

July 4th dresses from Uncle Keith and Auntie Avril in Ireland!

My little shamrock baby! Her first St. Patrick's Day parade a few weeks ago!

Big sister in the same outfit catching the sights and sounds.

3. I Love All the Ways We Are So Similar

This picture makes me giggle because even though Daddy HATES pickles and olives Teagan and I love them! We don't usually have them in our house so when we go to parties we snag them up...and chase him around going, "Ummmmmm pickllllleeeeees!"

And like her mommy, Teagan loves cupcakes!

...and shopping

...and trying something new

4. I love that my big, burly husband has melted into the perfect daddy for girls which such abandon. 

This is such a pivotal relationship in a girl's life and we are so blessed to have Brian as my husband and the girl's Daddy. I can't wait for him to teach them to golf, to use a tool properly, for a Daddy-Daughter dance at Valentine's, for him to walk them down the aisle at their weddings. There are so many special memories we are making and more to come. 

5. For The Special Friendship That Will Bond These Sisters

Even before Isla arrived Teagan practiced changing diapers so she could help me.

Meeting for the first time. 

It has been my dream for my children to have as close a relationship as I have with my sisters and "baby" brother. One reason I am excited about homeschooling is that we will look inside our home first as we develop friendships and bonds. 

This picture says it all. They will fight. A lot. And drive each other crazy. See the slightly concerned look on Isla's face? But at the end of the day I pray they love and support each other. I pray they raise their children together as much as our big world allows. 

I pray that they would have wisdom that enables them to make not only a good choice but the best choice. I pray they always have a heart for Jesus and for serving those who are less fortunate. 

And I hope they dream. Big, wild, crazy dreams. If they are stay-at-home moms or doing something to transform the way we think and live. It would all make me so proud. 

What are you and your family doing this weekend? An Easter Uh-Oh just took place in our house this morning. We are getting ready to dye Easter eggs and told Teagan, "Lets go check on them to see if they are ready!!!" She said in an excited whisper, "Yes!! And be veryyyyyyyyyyyyy quiet. There are babies in there!".....oops. It's never a dull moment around here. I love my girls so much and can't wait to hear from others!

Thanks for visiting. Happy Easter to you and your family!


  1. Meagan@ Green MotherhoodApril 6, 2012 at 4:49 PM

    Sweet girls! I have an Isla too!

  2. I love this!!! Nothing better than being a girl mom:)


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