Saturday, August 20, 2011

August Fun and More on Watermarking

After our trip home for my dad's funeral we were worn out and in need of a few happy play dates! Last week on a super hot day we had Lera and Caleb over to make arts and crafts, Teagan's very favorite activity! I love these sweet tea pot picture frames!

Isla got sweet cuddles from Natasha who fed and changed her too! Natasha is wonderful to my baby girl!

We also made Cheerios bracelets! Caleb didn't have one to take home because he decided it was much more fun to eat his than make it!

This takes a lot of concentration!

I love little Lera's smile!

The big kids love Isla's swing! They took turns waiting to try it!

Lera waves goodbye with all her craft goodies! We had a great time!

Teagan's aunt Melissa never lets me take a pic so shhhh!! I am sneaking this cute one into the blog....

Another play date day and Lera's expression is priceless. Not sure she was ready for a Teagan hug at that bright hour!

Again, Natasha being so sweet to my Isla!

We also had a play date at my friend Polly's house. Her little Daniel and Ashleigh are so much fun and they have a total kids paradise at their house!

They even played dress up! Daniel looking fierce in his dino costume!

Sydney, Teagan and Daniel had a "party" for lunch!

I love this pic of neighbor Olivia. Isn't her apron so cute? They had us over for dinner recently!

We love you C family!

Adorable picture of Jackson at Melissa's new house! This so says The Joys of Summer!

Polly gives Isla lovin' too and you can see its effects! She fell right asleep on her shoulder!

Pick-a-boo Jackson!!

Sweet picture of Brecken and Krissy!

Teagan is a little worn out from all this fun but looking forward to fall festivities! Tomorrow is Isla's 4 month checkup so I'll be back to making special posts for her and Teagan to mark their milestones. I can't believe how much they have changed over the summer!

More About Watermarking....
In my last post I linked to an article that discussed the importance of protecting our online images. If you want to take a look at the article I referenced click here. I promised to follow up with some easy ways to watermark images so here's the scoop as I know it. Special thanks to Kelly's Korner which is one of my very favorite blogs. Kelly provided a ton of information on how to do this. You may have a better or faster way and if so please let us know in the comments section. I am always looking for ways to make this blog better and more effective especially when it comes to security features!

For now I am using It's easy and free but the downside is you have to edit each picture and resave it to your computer. To do so follow these steps:

Upload a picture onto Picnik
-Select Create
-Select Text
-Add your blog address or other marker
-Pick your font
-Position & resize the watermark
-Click Add

On the right side of the screen
-Fade to 50%
-Under Advanced Blend Modes select Overlay
-Select Share and Save
-Save watermarked photo back onto your computer

Some photo programs like Lightroom can be set up to automatically add a pre-set watermark as you export your pictures.You can also load pictures on your blog from Flickr or Photobucket and use a private account. This would ask for a password to see the picture.

Two more steps would be to disable right click and left click on pictures. Disable right click

Disable left click

That's the scoop I have! Hope everyone is off to a great week! I can't wait to see how much my chunky monkey weighs this morning! My bet is she is at least up to 14 pounds!

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  1. Looks like Teagan and Isla are having a ton of fun with their friends!


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