Thursday, August 18, 2011

Elsa's Birthday Bash and Watermarking

Happy Friday everyone! I just noticed this marks my 101 post! Wow! I love being able to capture our family's life on this blog and hope one day it will provide great memories for Teagan and Isla as I have nary an additional second to keep up with baby books!

We had a great time at Elsa's 2nd Birthday Bash last weekend! Elsa is a sweet little angel and part of our Thursday play group. She also became a big sister recently to baby Eva. We love her and her family to bits!

I thought it way cool that Luke and Linda said in lieu of gifts we should consider making a donation to the Make-A-Wish foundation. This is a non-profit that grants wishes to children with life-threatening illness. What an amazing way to recognize and celebrate our sweet Elsa while making other children's dreams come true! Kudos to you Linda and Luke!

The party was at a My Gym and Teagan just went bonkers! She couldn't decide just what to do first. They had a trampoline, bubbles, ball pit, zipline, airplane swings hanging from the ceiling and so much more! It was so cool. And to top it off she had a cupcake and way fun party favor bag filled with lots of goodies.

I caught this cute video of Caleb and Teagan going crazy over the bubbles!

I love this picture of Melissa and Kaden. They are also part of our Thursday play date group. Kaden is lightening fast and I usually get the back of this head. Gotcha Kaden!!

His little brother Grayson is my photo buddy and always has a smile for me no matter how many pictures I wanna take!

Caleb and Dave watching Kaden and Grayson brave the zip line!

Linda's former boss made a career change and has a business making these too cute cupcakes!! They were such a hit!

This is such a cute video of the birthday girl! She was going to put on a special outfit for her guests including a tiara and wand...but got a little shy!


You may notice today my pictures have watermarks on them saying I have been thinking about doing this for a few months. After reading this scary article Posting Pictures Online Safely I'm a believer and will be doing this going forward. I'm still playing around with the sizing of the watermark but the most important aspect is to place it in the center of the photo so it can't be cropped out. It's a bummer we have to do this but it helps me sleep at night. In addition I never put the real scoop on my profiles for this site, youTube or anything associated with this site. And I try to be super careful about mentioning our home state or city, cropping any references out of photos. If you have a safety tip please post as I am always looking to learn more and protect ourselves!

Tomorrow I'll post options on how to watermark. It's easy-schmeasy so move on photo stealers, move on! Any friends who want a copy of pics of the kids should just message me in the comments or on FB.

Have a great day and hope you are off to something fabulous!


  1. I ran across your blog and enjoyed reading. You have a sweet family!

  2. Shelly, thank you so much! We love having you here!


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