Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Isla's Big Bite

Isla is officially four months old now! We took this video thinking it would record a life-changing moment where she discovered solid food! Baby tears and one red face later has me thinking we better keep looking before declaring rice cereal her favorite meal!

After a week on this we get to try veggies. The pediatricians in the United States have us start with a color such as orange and make our way through it by introducing the baby to a new food every 2-3 days. For example,we could start with pureed pumpkin followed by carrots, parsnips, squash before moving onto the next color. In a few months we'll do the same with fruits but the idea is that if we start with fruit there is no way we'll get her to eat spinach! Who could blame her, right? Is this the same in Ireland, Japan and elsewhere? I'd love to hear what doctors in other countries recommend.

Hope you are all having a great week so far!


  1. our dr said it didnt matter at all, although i have heard this wives tale. kids preferences just change. we started J on veggies and she rejected them for fruit a few months in. when we started table food she loved green beans for a while then boycotted them. loves peas and edamame. strawberries are still her favorite. not a fan of bananas unless they are on a spoon. never liked carrots again although pureed they were her fave.
    some docs say that taste is developed in the womb and she will like what you liked and ate alot while preggo.
    the only real thing to do is feed her one thing for 3 days to make sure shes not allergic.

  2. *LOL* Oh no!! If she likes what I ate while preggers...(racking my brain)...well. It can't be good.Little Debbie Swiss Rolls anyone??? Does that actually count as food?? With Teagan I was so careful and craved yogurt. Not so much with the second mouseketeer! Big hugs and oh! For REAL Jordyn's birthday prez went in the mail today. Believe it:)


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