Monday, March 12, 2012

ShamROCKIN' Good Sugar Cookie Recipe!

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Last St. Patrick's Day I put out a call to anyone who could tell me for the love of all mom's who have to bake cookies, why oh why my sugar cookies resembled more of a ...blob...than a shamrock??? Since then I've been on the hunt for THE perfect recipe.

Thanks to The Girl Who Ate Everything who posted this recipe by her friend Alison I have found it! If you are looking for a moist cookie that is a puffy cloud of perfection, not too sweet and holds its shape then look no further! I made these for Valentine's and again for St. Patrick's Day with no worries.

Soft Sugar Cookies
by Alison Tolbert
1 cup sour cream
2 cups white sugar
1 cup butter, slightly softened
4 eggs
1 teaspoon almond extract or vanilla (I like almond)
6 cups flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt

Preheat oven to 350.

Combine sour cream, sugar, butter, eggs, and vanilla/almond extract. Beat for 2-3 minutes.

Add dry ingredients and mix well. Dough will still be wet and sticky. Let the dough chill in fridge for 25 minutes or until firm.

Roll it out to about 1/4 inch thick and use cookie cutters to make shapes or circles. You may have to add a little flour to roll them out so the dough is workable but remember the less flour you use the softer your cookie will be.

Bake until LIGHT golden brown about 8-10 minutes. When you take them out they will seem underdone but they aren't. Let them cool on the pan and they will be perfect and moist. It you like them harder and more crunchy just bake them a little longer.

Makes around 4 dozen.

We were in a hurry and just used canned frosting but colored it two shades of green because little Teagan just can't get enough of her favorite color this holiday!

The only snafu I ran into was giving a toddler flour...yeah, don't do that. Ever. Make that fairy princess. Lately this costume from her Auntie Angie is the only thing she wants to wear!

I never posted a picture of our St. Patrick's mantel. I love the burlap and green this year. Next time instead of the foam shamrocks with wooden painted gold lettering I am going to use fabric scraps instead for more texture (thanks for the idea, Leah)! I tried to take them down because I wasn't sure about them but my Irish husband is still loyal to the Emerald Isle and wouldn't hear of it! *LOL*

Yesterday Madeline came over to help me with the girls and the cookies. She is just the sweetest girl! And I had to snap this picture of her with Isla who woke up from her nap with the funniest bedhead! My little monkey. It's hard to believe she will be a year old in one month!

Have a great day there! I can't wait to post the story of our infertility struggle and path to parenthood this week!


  1. What fun you have in your home!  Beautiful cookies and beautiful girls!

  2. Thanks, Mo! Never a dull moment here, that's for sure! We've  had so much fun this year celebrating the "green holiday"! Now if I can just get the girls in their dresses at the parade on Saturday...

  3. These look amazing. And your decorations are almost as cute as your daughter :) ~Heather @

  4. Such a sweet picture of the girls! Teagan is getting to be such a big girl. Will have to try this cookie...or perhaps can I come over!!

  5. I love your new background!  The cookies look good too - unfortunately I can't bake worth a flip.

  6. These are so pretty!!  Now I have to try out your recipe! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  7. Auntie Angie, here. Lovin' that purple fairy costume!   And can't wait to try this recipe.  I made snowflake cookies once for Kieri's Polar Party and they looked like fluffy clouds!  I just thought it was me. You know what a baker I am (not).  Maybe I can do this one and have bunnies that really look like bunnies. Thanks Sis.

  8. Girl, you are always welcome!! LOL:)!

  9. Thanks so much, Pamela!! Listen, I am such a badddddddddd cook...if I can make these they are fool-proof! Hope you are having a great week there!

  10. You so inspire me! I love that as big and busy as your blog is you always find time to make your visitors feel so special. I am so working on this....

  11. Thanks Auntie Angie!! I am so not great in the kitchen so if I can do it anyone can! The secret is not to let them cook too long even if they look underdone! Missing you guys so much!!


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