Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fun Dates!

For the last month we've been meeting at local parks on Fridays with our friends so I thought I'd recap some of our favorite moments here! I love our group of girls and toddlers! And we expect to grow after school lets out for summer. Having this scheduled weekly is a great way to make sure we get together on a regular basis. I can't wait to see what adventures we get up to in the summer months!

In the meantime, I am having so much fun exploring features from my new favorite obsession, PicMonkey!  I've cloned out shoes and sunglasses in some of these, used cool zoom features, filters and more. 

Teagan & Lera love each other!

Baby Brecken walking so early! Isn't he precious?

One of Isla's favorite foods: mulch!

My big girl!

Love this one of Jackson! 
His birthday is in one hour and fifteen minutes. 
Happy Birthday Three Year Old, Boy!

Ok, is that the saddest face ever? 
Not sure what she wanted here but it probably indicated nap time was near.

Isla has some big love for Natasha!

My sweet friend Catherine and baby John

And John's big sister Ellie who is so beautiful and fun!

A chilly park snuggle with Isla and Natasha!

My sweet angel. We are matching!

Isla and I had a great time playing with mom Wendy and Alexa Kate!

Love you, Natasha!

Alexa Kate's slide adventures!

Great pic of Alexa Kate with her mommy!

From know I am a tired momma when I have two measly shots from the day. 
Baby Landon (who Teagan loves and swears is her little brother) and mom Leah joined us!

Shanna and Caleb! They left early to go hear baby brother (or sister's heartbeat)! We have at least two babies on the way in our group (congrats to Melissa M too!) and can't wait to meet the playgroup newbies this fall!

Hope all are having a great weekend!

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