Friday, May 11, 2012

A Happy Friday!

We are exhausted after a super busy but fun week!  This morning we had a Friday Fun Play Date with Shanna, Caleb, Leah and Landon before heading home a bit early.  Teagan and Isla had shots at their checkups yesterday and I think Tea is under the weather.  Poor petal. 

Here's a funny picture I captured at Monday's Princess and Fairy in the park play date.   I know Teagan lovesssss her friend Ellie but at three years old she is still getting the hang of sharing.

The caption reads:

"Now listen, just because we're friends and all, don't be mistaken:
Hands offa da wings!!!"

I'm sorry Sweet Ellie!  We love you to bits and can't wait to play again. 

Off to rest before an equally busy but spectacular weekend. Cousin Kade kicks off the fun with a sleepover tonight!

Blessings, Michelle

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