Monday, May 14, 2012

A Spot of Tea!

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Brian had a brilliant idea to let the girl's off for Afternoon Tea at the Ritz Carlton following church on Sunday. 

There were so many wonderful teas to choose from. My favorite was a light mango flavored tea. 

Ever so elegant sandwiches. The petits fours were amazing too but I didn't get a great shot of them. 

Natasha and Jennifer

Krissy and Shanna

I love this hat on Krissy. She's ready for lunch with the ladies!

These girls mean so much to me so it was special getting to spend the day with them!

And when I got home Teagan, Isla and Daddy had more tea treats waiting! I love Tea (as in Teagan) and tea, can you tell???

First, I got a cool mug that says Tea in tons of languages and can travel in the car with me.  And then I got tons of chocolate biscuits, or cookies, along with Ireland's best tea, Barry's Gold Blend, which is a favorite in our house!  Before I could snag a picture little Teagan hands snagged those biscuits away which made me laugh. She loves chocolate just as much as her mommy.

And perhaps the best gift was celebrating time last night at home with Brian and the girls. Isla took her first steps this weekend which was reason to celebrate, to be sure! She's off and running now and even walked to Teagan this morning.

I hope you had a great Mother's Day and would love to hear what you got up to! Stay tuned for tonight's Destination: Inspiration party!

Blessings, Michelle

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