Monday, September 3, 2012

Back to School

My nephew Kade celebrated his first day of school this week! His school colors are blue and green so we decorated his front door and took pictures in the wee hours. Poor little kids! They go to school so early these days!

Doesn't his hat (that he picked out himself and insisted on wearing) remind you of Ducky on Pretty in Pink?! Ha! I love our little man with his big personality!

My twin sister adopted Kade as a newborn and we love him so much! He is like a son for Brian and me. He spends a ton of time at our house and the girls think of him as a brother.

We ran into Kade's buddy Griffin at the open house!

Teagan was super excited to get some freebies too!

I couldn't get a group shot of us but little Isla was my little easy going girl and let Auntie Melissa take a picture of us! I love her little tutu dress. 

Kade shows Teagan his super cool bus schedule!

A kiss for good luck and he's on his way!

Sniff! Our little guy, all grown up!

This is from a few weeks ago. The cousins, excited about Kade and Melissa's adorable puppy, Cora. 

I borrowed this idea from Event Trender on Pinterest. It is a twist on an apple for the teacher. Who could resist carmel apple with chocolate toffee dip? Super easy to make an inexpensive too!

- one package cream cheese, softened
- one package Marzetti's carmel dip
- green apples
- Heath chocolate toffee bars 

- 2-4 half pint mason jars
- natural colored raffia ribbon
- cellophane bags
 - decorative ribbon

Mix cream cheese and some caramel in a bowl to taste. This tip here is to not make this bottom layer too sweet as the carmel and candy layers will do that work for you! Smooth about a 1/2 to inch thick layer in the bottom of the mason jar. Wipe edges clean with a dry paper towel. 

Add a layer of caramel. Chop toffee bars into chocolate chip sized pieces. I use a kitchen knife for this. Layer toffee on top. Seal jar. Wrap jar and green apple within celeophane bag. Seal with ribbons. 

*Make sure recipient knows to refrigerate due to the cream cheese layer. 

What special traditions do you have for back to school? Did you make or take a teacher gift? We'd love to hear!

Blessings, Michelle

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