Thursday, September 27, 2012

Think of Me...a Letter from Rwanda

To wrap up Compassion International's month long campaign we've been challenged to write from our sponsored child's perspective.

Here's my letter from Pascaline, a young girl from Rwanda living within the ghostly shadow of horrific events that rocked her country just a few years ago...

Dear Brian and Michelle, 

Think of me....

My parents worry about the rebels rebuilding in nearby Congo. What will our future hold here? Will we have to relive the tragedy that still haunt our parent's dreams? How can my generation change the story? 

I'm just a little girl and sometimes life seems so harsh. We've no electricity. No running water. When you sponsored me, I borrowed the dress you saw me in so I could have a nice picture. 

My shoes, yes, you noticed they were torn but they were the only ones I had to wear in this mountainous region. At the time, I couldn't manage a smile and you were drawn to that. You wanted to give me a reason...

Think of me... 

Since your sponsorship, life has gotten better. We have a new roof on our house! Jesus delivered a cow that provides milk and an additional source of income. And we received a potato crop that also helps us so much. 

Think of me...

I get to go to school now. We learn of Jesus and his love for us which I share with my family. I have a great time with my friends and also get health check ups and vaccines. 

Think of me...

When they deliver letters to the children in my development center my heart beats faster. Will I get a letter from you today? I love sending you drawings I've made. But it really makes me feel special to get your know you think of me. To see the artwork from Teagan and Isla, the stickers and Bible coloring pages. 

I don't feel invisible anymore. I believe God made me special. That He is with me in this place. He's providing a future through you, through Compassion International. Never stop thinking of me, of my friends. We are a world away but we need you. Please promise me you'll try. 

In Jesus' Name, 


Let God use you and your family to change the lives of these precious children forever. Our goal is to gain sponsorship for 3,100 children. For $38, the price of a dinner out once a month, you can provide food, clothing, healthcare, Christian education and so much more...a future. 

Visit Compassion International’s Sponsor a Child page. Pray over which child speaks to your heart. Perhaps they share a birthday with your child? Maybe they live in a country where AIDS is rampant? Or perhaps they are in an area you’ve always wanted to learn more about? Ask God to help you make a commitment as a family to change this child’s life.

In Jesus' Name, 

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