Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Destination: Inspiration Link Party #22 & Cool Teacher Gifts

I hope you had a great weekend! Ours was jam packed with tons of fun and I have some great pictures to share. I had a wonderful guest blogger lined up for today but our days were so crazy here that I didn't give her time to complete the interview questions so I decided to hold off on a featured blogger for the week. 

Instead, I am re-posting this easy teacher gift. I also took this as a hostess gift to my friend Krissy's Labor Day weekend party! It is a cool twist on giving the teach an apple. 

Caramel Cream Toffee Dip

I borrowed this idea from Event Trender on Pinterest. It is a twist on an apple for the teacher. Who could resist carmel apple with chocolate toffee dip? Super easy to make an inexpensive too!

- one package cream cheese, softened
- one package Marzetti's carmel dip
- green apples
- Heath chocolate toffee bars 

- 2-4 half pint mason jars
- natural colored raffia ribbon
- cellophane bags
 - decorative ribbon

Mix cream cheese and some caramel in a bowl to taste. This tip here is to not make this bottom layer too sweet as the carmel and candy layers will do that work for you! Smooth about a 1/2 to inch thick layer in the bottom of the mason jar. Wipe edges clean with a dry paper towel. 

Add a layer of caramel. Chop toffee bars into chocolate chip sized pieces. I use a kitchen knife for this. Layer toffee on top. Seal jar. Wrap jar and green apple within celeophane bag. Seal with ribbons. 

*Make sure recipient knows to refrigerate due to the cream cheese layer. 

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Alright, we are off to another great party. 
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  1. Hi, Michelle. I had someone tell me today that they hadn't gotten an email I sent, so I'm wondering if you got mine asking for the questions. I hope you don't think that I wasn't greateful to be asked to be your guest feature. Please send the questions whenever you get a chance. and I love your Teacher's Gift idea...delicious. Bless you, Gail

  2. Hi Gail! I am SO excited about having you guest post next week. Got your info and am looking forward to it. Thanks for always inspiring me here and on your lovely blog.

    Blessings, Michelle


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