Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Killer Way to Bullet Proof Your Marriage in 5 Minutes!

Quick, think of ten couples you love to call your friends. 
Now...imagine five of those disintegrating within a 50% divorce rate.

What's the secret to beating the odds within your own marriage? The answer will surprise you. Read on to see why you can't afford not to use this tool as you and your cutie "do" life together!

Brian and I are taking a marriage class that our Executive Pastor wrote called Marriage the Way It Was Meant to Be. It is wonderful.


And I can't stop talking about a point Scott made on the first night of class. One that I believe holds the power to bullet proof your marriage... 

First, he revealed that statistically, less than 10% of Christian couples pray together regularly. Wow. That just blows my mind when I think of it. Still, I confess that until recently Brian and I didn't pray together either. 

I am comfortable with plenty of prayers throughout my day on my own or even with my baby girls. But there is something so intimate about prayer, isn't there? In prayer we share our deepest insecurities, our fears, our failings and desires. 

Here's the good news:

Couples that pray together, stay together. Remember that old saying? Turns out it there was something to it. Consider the following stats:

The divorce rate for couples who pray together:  

- 1 in 1,152 couples* 
- 1 in 10,000 couples**

Wow! The first number is much more conservative than the last. But you know what? I'll take those odds any day over a one in two chance that we won't make it. Wouldn't you? 

So Brian and I've been praying. Short prayers. But they bless us.  Bits of our hearts touch each other. 

I know what he is thinking. I am humbled by what he says. Honored that he would take the time to be a leader, to step up to this challenge with me. We alternate nights. Hold each other. Connect. 

This has actually become a part of my day that I look forward to! What a blessing, indeed. 

Dear God, thank you for giving us the power to come directly to you with our hopes, dreams and needs. We praise you for being at the center of our marriage and strengthening it against so many influences and dangers in our culture. Help us to continue to know each other during this special time in our day, building a bond with you that is impenetrable. In Jesus' Name, Amen.  

Reflect and Respond:
Would you be willing to take five minutes a day to bullet proof your marriage? Can you and your husband commit to praying together every day for a week? 

Insert God's presence into your marriage and watch Him make it a force that can't be broken. 
Power Verse:
Psalm 46:1, "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." (NIV)

What is one way you and your husband work together to bullet proof your marriage? What do you find challenging about praying together?

Blessings, Michelle

* poll conducted by the National Association of Marriage Enhancement
**taken from David McLaughlin's series The Role of the Man in the Family, shared via Dr. Philip C. McGraw in    Relationship Rescue

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