Friday, August 10, 2012

I Think It's Gonna Rain Today...

Today I am posting in honor of Joe, my brother-in-law Ron's amazing, heroic father who was much loved in this world and will be missed greatly. And for Jennifer. A young mom, Denver Gael, Irish lass and mother. She was a sweet, vibrant soul who touched us with her infectious smile and laughter. My prayers are with all who love them...

There are days when I am at a loss for words to write on this blog. Days when it would be easier to just sleep. Fade away. I'm gonna be honest: this week has been tough. The voices and memories of Mom. Dad. Shirley. They come fast and strong in a wave of grief. All gone from this world in the space of a year. Their memories, so sweet and painful threaten to crumble me in the midst of my mommy days...I cry in the laundry room so my babies can't see me. I wake in the wee hours of the night, full of angst but knowing I need to sleep. And in the midst of my grief I am trying to use this blog as a ministry to tell others of Jesus' love. His promise. The miraculous gift only He can offer. 

What is a Jesus Girl to do when her world has crumbled around her? 
When easy, optimistic words just.won't.surface? 
And be open. 
It's not easy, this life. 
That's the truth. 

People ask why such a loving God would bring on such suffering? Such ugliness. Horror. Sin. But even in the midst of the storm I am in I can say, "That's not it, my friend." He doesn't bring suffering. This wasn't ever His plan for us. Bad things don't just happen because God wants them to, or turns a blind eye to them. He is a God who loved us enough to give us choices and our choices? It brought sin and suffering into this world. This suffering could have been eternal were it not for our same, loving God who sent His very own son to die an unthinkable death...for us. And as a result all who believe in Christ and accept His salvation will live in an eternal heaven that blesses beyond our greatest imaginations. 

But back to this world and its not-so-perfect days...God uses grief. Yep. He uses it. Even if we can't see how it fits into the huge picture, it's there. 
It's not wasted...

Think about that. 

Let it sink in and be a cool salve on your aching heart. 
God uses this time to bring about something good. 

My mom and I loved the movie Beaches. Since I heard of Jennifer's passing this song has been running through my head. I love Peter Gabriel's version. What if these moments of sadness bring on human kindness? What if, in our quiet, still hearts that are breaking we all stop for a moment. Reach out. Find someone to hug. To help. Rescue them from a life of poverty. Or perhaps from a moment of loneliness? If in these quiet moments of grief, what if those of us who are affected take a renewed stance on making the world a better place?

We are but vapors on this earth, here for just a short time before experiencing a miraculous eternity in Heaven. Where there is no pain. No disease. No accidents. No suffering. 

Even in this storm I can praise Him. Having been through storms before and knowing He has so many promises, so many wonderful treasures on the other side.

If I can pray for you, please leave a comment below or email

Blessings, Michelle 


  1. Very touching and beautiful. Thanks for sharing on Time Warp Wife's link-up today.

  2. As I have made blogging a part of my daily life, recently, I am over the excitement of it and have hit head-on into discouragement. Though my funk pales in comparison of your very real loss, your words have been so uplifting. Thank you for blogging, anyway and honoring Christ with your words. Hugs to you, sweet sister.
    Christi Marcotte


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