Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Letting God Prioritize Our Day

Most mornings I find it easy to arrange my day and the plans I have with the kids. This morning, I am just kinda running in circles. So I am taking a moment to stop, listen for God's prompting and let Him do what He will with my schedule. 

As I had my quiet time He led me to this verse which soothed my heart in the midst of a to do list that seems overwhelming. I pray it encourages you too. 

Tell me, what do you do to let God prioritize your day? And what blessings does He deliver when you do so?

Blessings, Michelle


  1. Hi, Michelle! I am a routine girl, so when things are going normally, I follow the routine I learned from flylady. But as a mom, and now grandma, it seems that my day has to be very flexible as I try to be available to help out as needed. One thing that helps is trying to start my day in the word!

  2. Oh I love me some flylady too! She is amazing and has helped me a ton though I still don't have the full routine down. I so agree with starting our day with God. I just try to ask Him to prioritize my days for me according to His will as it simply can't all get done...oh, and with that, naptime is over! Love you sweet girl!



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